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Mezcalosfera - Espadin Destilado en Barro

Mezcalosfera - Espadin Destilado en Barro

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Mezcalosfera is the export bottling of Mezcaloteca, Oaxaca's famous bar, renowned for its tastings. All Mezcalosfera spirits are sourced directly from producers in lesser-visited, often hard-to-reach areas of Oaxaca. The nose is earthy and vegetal, with pepper and grass at first taste, with a light pinkish floral note.

Being the most widely cultivated variety of agave on the mezcal world, Espadin often gets used to produce proofed down volume driven batches made for mixing.

The most traditional producers like this one however, make it the same way as the rarest batches of any other species and what you get is on par with the very best mezcals in the world. This is Espadin on a higher level!  From the Maestro Mescalero Santos González.


Maestro Santos Gonzáles
Estado Oaxaca
Población Sol de la Vega
Agave(s) Empleado(s) A. Angustifolia
Localización del Agave 1650 m.s.n.m.
Tipo De Horno Cónico de tierra
Madera Utilizada Mezquite y Encino
Molienda Hebradora
Tina de Fermentación Bandejas
Fermentación Levadura Silvestres
Agua Utilizada Agua de Manantial
Destilador Ollas de Barro
Número de Destilaciones 2
Ajuste de Riqueza Alcohólica Puntas y Colas
Fecha de Destilación Mayo 2022
Litros Producidos 140 lts
Lote 01ESPCAN-23
SAQ Code 15226141
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